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Software DPM Textile. DPM Textilní licence obsahuje plně automatickou detekci vybraných funkcí a výsledky se vztahují na oficiálních zkušebních metod, pokud existuje.

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DPM Textile


The DPM Textile License contains a fully automatic detection of selected features and the results are related to official test methods where applicable.


General Features

»  Automatic Calibration of scale and background correction
Calibration is done using a printed grid placed under the microscope where an interactive focus adjustment aids the operator to set the correct focus. At the same time a background image is captured to compensate for the irregularities in light related to all illumination. The calibration also includes a reference for the AutoGain function.
» Manual measurement of Distances, Angles, Circles and Enclosed Areas
Where features are drawn as an overlay in a selected colour and the results are stored together with the image.
» Export of Images and Data
Can be done in various formats including Excel and the Clip Board
» Import of BMP images
Dragged and dropped into the DPM software
» Print and Preview functions

Advanced Features

»  Cleanliness
Determines how clean a soiled textile is after washing.
» Stain Spreading
Determines the dynamic spreading of a liquid droplet (e.g. oil)
» Stain Saturation
Reveals how quickly a liquid droplet penetrates through a textile.
» Abrasion Test
Determines how a textile can withstand rubbing.
» Colour Mottle
Shows the spatial variation of a coloured textile.
»  Colour Bleeding
Determines the separation of two adjacent colours applied on a textile.
» Colour Check (24-bit)
Determines the average colour of a selected region.

Target markets:

Textile manufacturers, textile laboratories and manufacturers of washing machines, detergents and textile links.

Technical specifications:

- Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 and 64), Windows 7 (32 and 64), Windows 8 - Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese